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Will Daugherty Named Keynote Speaker at Small Business Round Table

March 18, 2015

GREENVILLE, NC, March, 18th 2015 - Will Daugherty will be helping small business owners and entrepreneurs explore ways they can take their marketing to the next level without having to spend like a big corporation. Daugherty was selected by the Pitt Community College Small Business Center as the keynote speaker for their Monthly Round Table Discussion on Thursday, March 26th.

Daugherty began Evolve in 2002 in the back room of what is now the Art Gallery at Emerge. Since those humble beginnings, he has developed the company to a full-service agency that boasts 19 employees in nine unique, yet integrated profit centers. "Being a small business owner myself, I have a unique perspective on what it takes to create a serious impact with your marketing–and that doesn't always mean expanding the budget," said Daugherty.

Taking from his own personal experience and from the work he's done helping to elevate other local and small businesses, Daugherty will share his own story as well as some proven strategies for helping small businesses find big impact with limited marketing dollars. Some of the topics he will cover includes: integrated marketing campaigns, public relations, leveraging social media, advertising, search engine optimization, mobile apps, professional networking, maximizing the effectiveness of your website, and unconventional ways to market a business.

The round table event will take place from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Pitt Community College Small Business Center, 3107 S. Memorial Dr., Greenville, NC. Pre-registration is required and can be done so by calling 493-7388 or by visiting the following site.

About Will Daugherty

With a vision of helping clients understand the science of marketing and the importance of developing a brand that is truly unique, Will launched Evolve in 2002. The agency quickly grew, and today it boasts 19 employees in nine unique but integrated profit centers. Having worked for more than 200 different businesses throughout the country, Evolve has embraced and adapted modern marketing techniques that align brands closely with today’s consumer. With a rich experience in mechanical design, project management, and operations management, Will brings a unique and technical perspective to his clients’ marketing and communication needs.

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