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You Bet Your Apps!

October 13, 2011


GREENVILLE, NC, October 13, 2011- Evolve, Inc., Eastern North Carolina’s premier full-service advertising agency, announces its ability to develop and maintain value-added data applications for use with both the iPad and iPhone platforms. Boasting an extensive knowledge of web development and programming, the experience of Evolve’s development team has provided a strong foundation for the agency’s venture into the realm of mobile applications.Evolve offers consulting, application maintenance, and user-based testing services as part of their application development repertoire in an effort to ensure client satisfaction, a successful application launch, and maintain ongoing functionality. Each application is tailored to meet the unique needs and wishes of the client. In addition, Evolve developers have the ability to customize mobile applications to synchronize and integrate with a client’s website. From the conception to the materialization of a mobile application, it is the ingenuity, diligence, and creativity of the Evolve staff that sets their services apart. “We are both proud and excited to be offering this service to our clients,” said Will Daugherty, President of Evolve, Inc. “It is imperative for businesses and organizations to utilize current technologies as part of their marketing plans. Mobile applications provide a new and useful medium to assist in reaching a wide variety of audiences. As an industry, we have really only begun to scratch the surface of the benefits mobile applications can provide to an integrated campaign.” Mobile applications have proven their usefulness in a variety of industries, including, but not limited, to business, healthcare, lifestyle, education, and entertainment. As an agency, Evolve successfully launched its first mobile application for a local housing complex in September 2011 and has several more in development.Established in 2002 Evolve, Inc. services Greenville and Eastern North Carolina’s advertising, brand management, and marketing strategy needs through the integrated use of marketing, advertising, and public relations. For further information or to schedule a consultation call (252)754-2957 or visit www.evolveinc.com.

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