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Break Out of Your Routine

April 23, 2013

Companies in a slow economy can fall victim to the slow and steady survival game. They expect consumers to react positively to the same information. But what they are really doing is becoming white noise, blending in to a background that is easily glossed over by consumers who have a keen eye for what’s new. 

It’s no secret that when money is tight we stick to using what we have for as long as it still works. The adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” comes to mind. And that can be a good concept for most anything, so long as it’s not a permanent or long-term solution. In marketing and promotions, we are seeing lately that many marketing efforts are staying the same, and while they are saving money, they are likely losing opportunities and market share to others. 

As creatures of habit, consumers instinctively scan their horizon for what is new. It’s innate, and it’s part of our DNA. And this isn’t hyperbole; our brains are literally wired this way. If we, as humans, are concentrating on a specific task, we could not possibly process everything that is happening around us. Because of this, out brains will fill in the background with visuals that they have already processed before. 

Think about your drive to work. How many specific details can you recall? Probably not very many. The same goes for your marketing materials. If your billboard messaging or signs by the street haven’t changed for a while, then they are blending in to their surroundings and people aren’t noticing them anymore. They are part of the stasis that compels consumers to inaction. New visuals cause a disruption in the brain of the consumer. You audience isn’t able to fill in the background like they would normally do, and their concentration shifts to the new idea. Now imagine that same morning commute, but add in an overturned semi-trailer. Certainly, you’d remember that drive to the office. 

This isn’t to say that the solution to recapturing your audience’s attention is spending more with your agency. Breaking out of your routine could be as simple as dusting off an older campaign or using new point of sale materials to present new information to your customers. These relatively small adjustments can aid in getting the consumer’s attention again, and reclaim some of the market share lost to stale, overused marketing materials. 

So if you’re looking to upgrade your sales and deepen customer relationships, look no further than leveraging the opportunities you have by changing up your offering, messaging, or promotional techniques. They are less expensive solutions to the alternative of creating a brand new campaign. In times like these, it’s not always a matter of spending more; it is a matter of a new presentation that gets you noticed.

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