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Fridays Just Got Furry

May 02, 2016

12923090_10153791187504821_3099730074627937278_n.jpgIf you’ve been following us on social media lately you may have noticed that we’ve started a new Friday tradition here at Evolve. We’d love to tell you that we were scientifically measuring workplace performance, job satisfaction and overall general happiness of our employees, but in all honestly, we just really love our pets and someone was brave enough to ask if we could bring them in. To everyone’s delight, our President, Will Daugherty, said “Isn’t it in the employee handbook that we can? I’m pretty sure it is.” We checked. It’s not. But Friday came and so did a 10-month old Chow mix.

The rule is that only one dog can be here on any given Friday, they must be fully housebroken and of course, they must be human-friendly. Since Digital Strategist, Bethann Wilkie was the one who initiated Furry Fridays, her dog, a rescue named Boomer was the first to visit. Upon arrival, he walked straight to the back to greet everyone. Within seconds, he walked right past his crowd of gathered admirers and crashed loudly into the solid glass conference room doors. He was, quite literally, a hit! The mood in the office was light, everyone was upbeat and Boomer was pretty sure this was the best day of his life.


The top 5 things we love about Furry Fridays.

1.    When stressed, employees can be seen wandering the halls, looking for our furry visitor underneath desks. Once the dog is found, employees become giant babies and talk to the dog in strange voices. We aren’t sure if it’s stress relief for the employee or comic relief for their co-workers.

2.    Occasionally throughout the day, co-workers can be seen running past your door waving their arms around and laughing. They may or may not be followed by a dog.

3.    “That wasn’t me! It was the dog! I swear!”

4.    It’s a good idea to remember to tell your clients that it’s Furry Friday. They typically have free roaming privileges and it’s highly possible that they will mosey on into a meeting unannounced. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

5.    If you have glass walls or doors, a thin frosted line might be a good investment along the bottom half of the glass to avoid run-ins. Even if the dog has done it once, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t do it again. In fact, a few of our employees have the same issue. Never mind; just get rid of the glass doors.


After our initial 30-day trial of Furry Fridays, it’s clear to everyone in the office that it is our favorite day of the week. We have no proof that it made us more productive or even more creative, but it does provide us with a boost in morale and overall job satisfaction. As employees, we are just appreciative to be given the opportunity to enjoy our furry friends one day a week in the office and we’re fairly certain our dogs are, too.  


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