Owner - Brian Taylor

“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.”

- Jane Austen

We were lucky enough to meet Austen the day after she was born, with her little pink nose & pink toes, along with her other eight “literary” littermates. Her mom had been rescued via the Humane Society of Eastern Carolina & was extremely fortunate to be born & fostered in a loving home. Who knows what combination of breed she is – I call her a blue-eyed beauty.

She’s pretty much the “middle” child, neither the largest, nor the runt but she is the sweetest, goofiest girl w/ a huge heart. She’s super friendly & absolutely loves people. She especially loves her people, even when the little people of her people crawl all over her. She loves her feline brother, Jayne; he may not express it but I believe there may be reciprocation in there somewhere. Her other loves are chewing, digging, galloping, blueberries, lounging on the couch, & laying in the kitchen while my wife cooks. She has definitely brought lots of silliness, fluffiness, & love to our little circus.