The Challenge

One of our region’s long-standing OBGYN practices was quickly losing market share due to ongoing image and reputation issues. We knew the practice was better than this, and we felt it was our duty to share this belief with their audience.

ClientGreenville OBGYN
SkillsPhotography, Design, Videography
Greenville Ob/Gyn Homepage

Through one of our most ambitious website builds at the time, we refreshed the brand by focusing the message around what really matters—how the practice can best serve the unique needs of every patient. Visitors are immediately greeted with the question, “How can we help you?” This option allows users to personalize their path. Once funneled to the appropriate area, visitors have access to a wealth of information that’s paralleled by no other practice in the region.

To support the brand’s new messaging, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy campaign. Utilizing a variety of digital resources, such as content marketing, social media campaign, video development, and reputation management, we engaged with the practice’s audience on a personal level, speaking directly to the cares and concerns of the prospective patient and building top-of-mind awareness at every stage of the patient journey.

Through this campaign, we effectively reversed the trend of public opinion, building a strong online source of brand advocates who help carry the message of personalized care at every stage of life.

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