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What are two of the most important things to consumers when they visit a website?

If you answered “user-friendliness” and “simplicity of navigation” you answered correctly. 

No matter what type of business you have, whether its barbeque sauce or health services, your website has to be user-friendly. And not just on a laptop or desktop, but also on a mobile device.

Physicians East, Eastern NC’s largest private medical-surgical multi-specialty healthcare practice, wanted our help in redesigning their website to better suit their patients. And that is exactly what happened, but how? 

Physicians East’s website went through extensive user-based and analytical research, to better understand its users and where the major pain points existed. Understanding the user is key developing a successful website. Through this research, we found that patients needed to be directed to the correct information they were searching for without any roadblocks. We also found that while Physicians East’s brand value was understood in their physical practice locations, it needed to be represented online. 

Once the initial research was complete, a new site emerged.

One that can be accessed and used on a patients mobile device just as easily as on their computer. 

The website features the tagline, “Better Care. Better You.” This tagline was created to reinforce the holistic and high-quality care patients will receive both online and offline for them to become their best selves. 

The website’s homepage includes visual navigation that simplifies the journey current and future patients take to access the information they are looking for, such as office locations, new patient resources or appointment requests.  

Patients can seamlessly navigate to different practices and services offered by Physicians East, as well as directly contact the service area or provider they are seeking, significantly reducing the number of call transfers and waiting time. Physicians East can now be confident in the fact that their patients are being taken care of off and online. 

To check out Physicians East’s website, visit www.physicianseast.com 




Gabri Mannino Associate of Account services