The Challenge

PORT Human Services had always been led by their vision of providing highly-effective, evidence-based treatment for their patients who struggle with substance use. What they weren’t expecting was to find themselves responding to a nationwide epidemic, and they were in the epicenter of it all in NC. As time passed and they grew as fast as they could to meet the needs of their patients, they found themselves a much larger organization that needed to rebrand themselves into the regional powerhouse they had become. 

ClientPORT Health Services
SkillsPhotography, Design, Videography

Presented with the opportunity to help PORT refine their brand into a clear representation of who they had become, Evolve stepped in to modify the organization’s name and be the architects of a new identity. In the end, PORT Health Services now stands taller than ever.

PORT Health continues to grow their organization, build on their referral base, and compel those who struggle with substance use and mental health issues to confidently seek effective treatment.

PORT health brochure
PORT Health website displayed on iPad

What PORT Health discovered along the way was that there was another audience—their own team members. Employee recruitment has become easier, retention time has lengthened, and the overwhelming pride their employees share is encapsulated in the professional representation Evolve and PORT Health Services worked together to create.